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HorseSolicitor wins claim against negligent livery yard

Mr M instructed HorseSolicitor to pursue a claim after his horse suffered an injury while in the Defendant’s livery.

Mr M’s horse was turned out into a field which was dangerously overcrowded and which was fenced with sheep wire despite DEFRA guidelines which specifically state that sheep wire shouldn’t be used for keeping horses.

Whilst in the field, Mr M’s horse pushed over a fencepost and became caught in the sheep wire resulting in a severe injury to his leg. Despite surgery the injury caused permanent tendon damage and significant scarring. As a result of this injury Mr M incurred more than £7,000 in vet fees and his horse suffered a significant loss of value.

Horse Solicitor acting under a no-win, no-fee agreement recovered more than £10,000 in compensation despite liability having been strenuously denied.

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