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Spinal Cord Injuries

Road traffic and horse riding accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries in the UK and the impact on the injured person can be devastating.   At HorseSolicitor we know that at this difficult time the right support from a compassionate solicitor with specialist knowledge can make a real difference.

Once instructed we move quickly to put in place the support our clients need. We arrange case management and private rehabilitation. We can also arrange more tangible assistance where required. This can be private nursing care, or obtaining funding for the equipment and technology which can maximise our clients’ independence as their rehabilitation progresses.  We can also arrange adapted accommodation and transport to enable our clients to live safely and independently and support in returning to work.

We understand that our clients worry about how they will support themselves and their families as well as how to meet the cost of expensive healthcare which may not be covered by the NHS. Where appropriate we seek substantial interim payments to take away the financial stress caused by such a serious injury.

Where liability is in dispute we act to resolve this quickly so that we can move forward and concentrate on maximising both the damages and the help that our clients receive.

When cases settle, we assist our clients with setting up personal injury trusts.  This prevents large settlements from being counted towards means tested benefits leaving our clients with the financial security to pursue their individual goals, whatever they may be.

HorseSolicitor currently acts for many spinal and spinal cord injury clients.

If you have been involved in a horse riding accident call HorseSolicitor now on 01446 794196.

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