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Your Horse column - Insuring a veteran horse

Q - After paying for five years, I was let down by the small print on my horse insurance the very first time I tried to claim. Are there any veteran insurance policies that cover for illness and injury?

A - Horses are staying fitter and healthier longer and certain insurers having recognized this have launched specific products aimed at the veteran horse. As a horse gets older it can be increasingly more difficult to insure it against illness as many policies at this point provide accidental injury cover alone. Death from illness will only be covered on many policies up to the age of 25 whilst death from injury will continue beyond this on specially designed veteran plans such as that offered by Pet Plan. The reason for this is that older horses are more likely to suffer illness and injuries and are less likely to make a good recovery.

You do not state the age of your horse but it is certainly worth enquiring with those companies offering specialised packages to see what the best deal is for you at this time. An online comparison site would be the best place to start.

As you have discovered the hard way it is imperative that you read the small print on such policies to ensure that you have adequate cover. Particular attention should be paid to what is covered and the payout clauses.

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