Types of Equine Law Claims

The majority of accidents involving horses are exactly that; accidents, with no compensation available. However certain circumstances can lead to a successful claim. Examples of grounds for a claim are below.

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Solicitor negligence claims
  • Dog attacks
  • Slippery road surface
  • Negligent drivers causing spooking to horse and injuries to rider
  • Untraced driver claims and hit and run claims
  • Riding hats being supplied that are faulty due to not having been changed after an impact
  • Injuries due to a seller of a horse not informing the purchaser (or deliberately misleading) about a horse's temperament.
  • Poorly supervised horses and hacks
  • Negligence on the part of a riding instructor (a breach of the duty of care owed)
  • Novice rider being over-horsed
  • Tack breaking due to fault on part of manufacturer/riding school/owner lending horse to someone else
  • Inexperienced rider/yard worker kicked or bitten
  • Veterinary negligence
  • Purchase disputes
  • Accidents at work
Veterinary Negligence
Changing solicitors